Did you know we hand make 100% of all of our products. That means that we can customize any toy or leash you want. You think it, we make it.

If it can’t be reduced, reused, repaired, rebuilt, refurbished, refinished, resold, recycled or composted, then it should be restricted, redesigned or removed from production.
— Berkely Ecology Center

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what's upcycling?

"With upcycling, an item (climbing rope) is no longer being used for its intended purpose (climbing), but is repurposed - given a new purpose (dog leash) - and along with this new purpose is given an increase in value. It is now worth more in its new form. Upcycled products often have a better quality and higher environmental than they had in their original state. The products are created with innovation and creativity."

- Disfunctional Designs Blog

Atlanta Fire Squad 4 donates retired rope to Surepaw Dog Gear


Why Climbing Rope Dog Gear?

-the sUREPAW story


Surepaw Dog Gear is a local, environmentally inspired, innovative dog gear producer based out of Atlanta, GA. Surepaw was started out of a passion for rock climbing, a love of dogs, and a dedication to protecting the environment. We Kickstarted our idea and raised $11,018 with 280+ backers and now We want to show people the "ropes" of mixing climbing passion, with dog obsession.

"I remember the moment I first caught a glimpse of a dog leash made from climbing rope and carabiners. I was a college student walking to work at Climbmax Climbing Gym in Asheville, NC. I remember thinking that might be the coolest thing I've ever seen to walk my dog with. It was such a simple idea, and offered so many advantages environmentally, functionally, and economically. It took me some time, but then I decided to run with this idea knowing that people love unique things, their dogs, and good quality products. Especially products you feel good about when it comes to the environment."
-Ben Fowler

What's in a Dog Leash?

We all know what a dog leash is and what its purpose is. If you have a leash at home, or several right now, go ahead and grab them and study it for a second...Ask yourself some questions:

1) Does it have a story, or where did it come from before you bought it?

2) What is it made of, and did buying it help the environment in any way?

3) What do you gain from your leash?

Your answer sheet will most likely look like this:

1) uhhh, I don't really know. I don't really care, it probably came from China, and I bought it at a pet store.

2) Leather, plastic, metal, and/or rope of some kind, and no it's a dog leash how can it help the environment?

3) I don't know. I clip my dog to it and I walk my dog, maybe run sometimes. I gain knowledge of where my dog poops while using it....


What surepaw's answer sheet would say...?

1) Does it have a story, or where did it come from before you bought it?

Yes, it could have many stories behind it! Surepaw Dog Gear uses pre-consumer and post-consumer rope to make all its dog products. This is called Up-cycling, or converting a product (climbing rope) into something new, useful, and often beautiful (dog leashes and toys). This means it is either virgin rope, pre-consumer, that didn't quite make it to consumer shelves and is left over from the manufacturing process, or post-consumer rope that has been retired by climbers, climbing gyms, or people that have no need for their rope anymore. Yes, ropes do get retired depending on usage, but don't receive a Social Security pension unfortunately. Professional climbers will retire a rope after 6 months, while normal climbers may use their rope safely for 5 years! This means every post-consumer rope has a history and could have been used to scale mountains, climb rock faces around the world, go deep into caves, and/or simply teach kids and adults how to trust themselves and how to manage their fear of heights in a climbing gym. Every rope that is used to turn into a leash or a dog toy will have a story leaflet attached with details pertaining to the specific rope used. Surepaw Dog Gear has already received ropes from Stone Summit Climbing Gym, Pigeon Mountain Industries (PMI), BlueWater Ropes, Georgia Institute of Technology, Wall Crawler Rock Club, and various individual donations from climbers here in Atlanta, GA!

2) What is it made of, and did buying it help the environment in any way?

Surepaw Dog Gear ropes are made almost entirely of Nylon, a petroleum-based synthetic fiber that will not break down into the earth, or decompose. Nylon should never go into a landfill and enjoy the same fate as a diaper. Climbers use Nylon ropes because they are almost twice as strong as natural fibers. Their inner and outer core design give them extra strength and protect against outdoor elements and abrasions. Dynamic climbing rope will also elongate and absorb force. For example, a climber may fall off the mountain while climbing, a common occurrence believe it or not, but the rope is designed to take falls and to stretch in order to absorb the force so the climbers body doesn't have to. To rephrase all of this in dog language... your climbing rope leash will be incredibly strong, and actually absorb part of the force your dog may put on it by lunging, or that most uncomfortable stop-n-sniff force that happens to your arm while running with your dog. By using a Surepaw Dog Gear product you are officially an "Up-cycler"  helping to aid the planet.

3) What do you gain from your leash?

Maybe, you just want a unique dog leash or the Tugachuk™ to help break the ice when talking to that girl or guy you've had your eye on at the dog park. Did you know climbing is a great way to meet people and pick up a date, or two....Whatever your intentions are you will have gained something through Surepaw Dog Gear. Just by owning a leash or toy you will have learned a little about climbing rope and the up-cycling process. Also, you will develop a sense of trust in your leash knowing the rope is incredibly strong, durable, and up to the test of even the most adventurous dog and owner. Saving the best for last, if you use the Ruff-Guider™ Leash it is multi-functional! If you have read through all of this without watching the video on Kickstarter, you better watch it now to see how the Ruff-Guider™ Leash works! With the Ruff-Guider™ Leash and the fully adjustable handle you and your dog can run together with it easily attached around your waist or across the shoulder. The handle also allows you to get a closer lead on your dog for full control, whenever it's needed. Also, if you're a coffee freak like me, you will want to be able to secure your dog outside while you run inside to get that portable caffeine fix.

How do we make our dog leashes (D.I.Y.)?

Step One:

Find rope!

While I am not the first to take on the idea of up-cycling ropes to leashes...I may just be the first in the southeastern United States to go at it the way I am. I've made connections with local gyms, climbers in the area, and two very well known rope manufacturers here in Georgia (BlueWater Ropes and Pigeon Mountain Industries)! I am always in search of my next rope to pass on its story...We recently just received a rope from climbing legend, Conrad Anker (coming soon...)

Step Two:

Work out the kinks, clean,organize, prepare!

Inspect, wash if needed, and sort the rope into piles according to the size (mm), and pre-consumer or post-consumer usage. All leashes or toys made will look and feel different depending on what type of rope it is and the story it carries with it. However, some rope stories are darker and dirtier than others...these ropes I will find other uses for and I will not pass on to your dog.

Step Three:

Make the cut

Begin preparing rope for use as a toy, or a leash. In order to do this, a somewhat painstaking and patient process of cutting the ropes to the correct lengths has to occur. We cut all of our leashes at 6', but are always able to accommodate custom length requests.

"I will always strive to make every leash as if I were going to use it on my own dog. I think it should look and feel good. I try and color coordinate rope colors and leash parts to look cool so your dog doesn't mind walking with you."

Step Four:


Create your own unique dog leash design...We did so we know you can. Contact us if you need inspiration!