Custom Design Package + Chew Warranty

Custom Surepaw Package.jpg
Custom Surepaw Package.jpg

Custom Design Package + Chew Warranty


Add the "Custom Design Package + Chew Warranty" package to any order if requesting additional lengths other than 6 feet + a lifetime added chew warranty that will replace any damaged rope. Owner must send in all hardware and recovered parts.

Each $5 package represents 6 feet of additional length so add an additional package quantity for each 6 foot range added to the leash. 

For example, Chance wants Shadow to have a 15 foot Ruff-Guider leash. Chance would select the Ruff-Guider leash and "Add To Cart." He would then go the Custom Package and Chew Warranty Item and add quantity 2 ($10) to the Cart for the additional 9 Feet in length. Remember, each package adds a potential of 6 additional feet, but you may specify exactly how much length (in.) you want to add.

Customization Package includes:

  •  length customization with up to 6 feet in length. *some rope stock may very.  You will be notified if we do not have enough of the chosen color rope
  • Lifetime Chew Warranty
  • Annual Promo-Code discount to all Custom Surepaw Gear owners
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