Colorize and Customize 

The Ruff-Guider

  • The Ruff-Guider™: our signature and revolutionary 6' multi-functional climbing rope lead for the active dog and owner (recommended for medium/large dogs, >50 lbs). This lead was inspired and designed from various rock climbing applications. The Ruff-Guider in its purest form comes with 2 professional C.A.M.P. carabiners ( a 1.7 oz black or silver locking carabiner for the collar attachment and a 0.8 oz nano sized carabiner on the handle). What makes this lead unlike any other leash in the world is the addition of the adjustable sliding handle that provides a variety of uses from anchoring around trees, adjusting the length, and being hands free with it attached to your waist. So get outside, climb, paddle, walk, run, guzzle coffee with both hands, Instagram, play frisbee, or just relax in the sun with your dog at your side. But overall, be creative and feel confident with all the possibilities The Ruff-Guider™ gives you and your dog.

  • The Ruff-Guider Swivel: If a swivel is an important function for the collar attachment, we offer a Ruff-Guider that comes with a .75 oz Stainless Steel Dive Certified Clip (recommended for dogs off all sizes) in place of the C.A.M.P. carabiner.

The MTN Line

  • The MTN Line™ is our traditional 6' climbing rope lead for dogs of all sizes. This lead comes in two series, The MTN Line™ Small Dog and The MTN Line™ Medium/Large Dog. We are keeping this one simple, yet strong with a Dive Certified Stainless Steel Clip and an upcycled rope ring on the handle for an easy clip attachment to wear across your chest when not in use. Be creative with all the color and pattern varieties of climbing rope Surepaw Dog Gear utilizes and stand out among the pack!

  • The MTN Line™ Small Dog is a lead made using a much thinner diameter rope and collar clip attachment. You'll want this lead if have to think about hawks taking away your dog when out in the yard (less than 20lbs or so)

Small Dog Color Options

The Green Runner

Check out  Dash Dog Running to find more about our newly designed, first-of-a-kind dog running leash. 

The Tugachuk Rope Toy

  • The Tugachuk™ is a revolutionary up-cycled climbing rope dog toy we are very proud of. It utilizes 100% up-cycled materials including tennis balls that have either been donated from local tennis organizations, or hand collected and removed from various creek and forest ecosystems around Atlanta, GA. The Tugachuk™ is perfect for tugging with your dog with its durability and its comfortable grip for the hand. It also incorporates resistance knots on the edge of the tennis ball to protect the ball from being chewed off. So get outdoors, tug it, and then chuck it as far you can in the park, the woods, or even at the lake (it's great for water retrieval).